Special Products: Silica Sand, Calcium Carbonate, Hydrated Lime-70/80/90%, Acetic Acid, Graphite powder, Ferrous dry powder, Zinc/Ferrous/Mangnesium/Manganese Sulphate.
Our Products / Principles

We are authorized distributors to following companies :-

Sr#CompanyProducts supplied
1TCM LimitedSodium Sulphide Flakes - Red & Iron Free, Nahs -30-32%
2Gowri ChemicalsSodium Sulphide Flakes [ Iron Free ] 58-60% & 50-52%
3Muruganatham ChemicalsSodium Sulphide Red Flakes 50-52%, 58-60%
4Supermin-ChemBarium Chloride Crystal/Anhyrous, Barium Sulphate, Barium Nitrate
5Bhargav ChemicalsBarium Carbonate,
6Sri Annapurna ChemicalStrontium Chloride / Carbonate/ Nitrate / Sulphate / Chromate
7Gujarat Persalts P LtdAmmonium Persulphate, Potassium Persulphate, Sodium Persulphate
8Maulikem Products P LtdSodium Chlorite 80%,50% & Liquid
9Shakti Sulfamic Pvt LtdSulfamic Acid (Technicals)/(Descalant)
10Excel Industries LtdCodex Range Of Chealating Agents Sequacel Range Of Chealating Agents
11Nishi ChemFerric Chloride [Powder, Lump, Liquid]
12Shiv Silica Pvt LtdPrecipitated Silica
13Gem ChemicalsMagnesium Sulphate
14Shivam Minarals ProductBrown Aluminium Oxide Grains Grit [Sand Blasting]
15Baroda Minerals Effluent Treatment Chemicals
16Our Own ManufacturingSilica Gel - Indicative,Non Indicative Chromatography Grade, S. Gel Breather
17Victory Chemicals Pvt LtdBarium Carbonate
18Laxmi Organic Inds LtdAcetic Acid, Acetate Ethyl
19Pransu Chemicals Pvt LtdOxidant-Vs-Plus [Against Bichromate]
20Narmada Food ColoursEdiable Food Colours
21Imported RussiaSodium Dichromate Unhydrous
22Orient AberasiveAluminium Oxide Grains Grit
23Rahul Barium SaltsBarium Carbonate
24Tarini IndustriesBarium Hydroxide/ Peroxide
25Supersil Chemicals [I] P LtdPrecipitated Silica [Powder/Granule]
26Jagadeeshwari ChemicalsSodium Sulphide Flakes [ Iron Free ] 58-60%